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We have the network to make your direct placement easy. 



Sometimes the Best Fit Is a Direct Placement Fit 


Sometimes, based on circumstances at LER TechForce, our customer, or the candidate, a direct placement may be the right fit. Our goal is to help our customers find the right candidate 100% of the time. 

We have a deep engineering network that has been built over 20 years of in-depth industry relationships. In building the world's best network, our technical recruiting team also built a reliable direct placement process. 



Candidates Guaranteed to Fit Your Organization 


Our Guarantee: 90 Days or Your Money Back 

Our certified phone interview process ensures we find you the right candidate every time. Our recruiters are trained in asking the right questions and establishing technical competency before the candidate ever gets in front of a customer. 

Our phone interview process:

  • Establishes technical competence
  • Is thorough and complete
  • Goes beyond keyword match - our recruiters validate that what is on the resume matches customer skills 
  • Ensures the candidate fits the customer culture 

Before the candidate ever gets in front of the customer, we perform a reference check and require the reference to give both an area of strength and weakness after their experience with a candidate. This allows our engineers to make a judgment of whether or not the candidate will be the right fit for our customers. 


"At LER TechForce we are so confident in the placements we make that we offer a guarantee of 90 days."
Janene Stotts
CEO & Managing Member, LER TechForce

We find the RIGHT candidate, not the RIGHT answers and keywords



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