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Top candidates are more than just a keyword on a page


The best talent in the industry won't be found by an applicant tracking system or a resume database. They will be found by dedicated, trained, and experienced recruiters who know your industry inside and out. Other companies are keyword matchers; our experienced recruiters are trained in understanding our customers' requirements, cultures, and expectations.

If you're tired of wasting time and budget with staffing firms that rely only on their applicant tracking system, then welcome to LER TechForce. 


Our Strength is Our TechForce


Our TechForce is filled with pre-qualified, vetted, technical and dedicated engineers who are niche to the transportation market.

LTF- OnSite Resources

LER TechForce, on average, has a  3.8-to-1 resume to placement record in the industry.



Real Recruiters, Having Real Technical Interviews, Discussing the WHY Behind the Resume 

  • Our recruiters have the ability to understand what you need and what fits your company culture and ultimate goals. 

  • Our 20 years of experience is built upon continued customer success. LER TechForce is an affiliate of LHP, Inc., a global leader in functional safety.

  • We have an extensive employee bench ready to serve our customers.

  • We have designed a system where our employees are supported by the entire LER Workforce with mentorship, technical guidance, and training.

This Translates Into Value For You


Time Is Money 

  • Reduce time for resource acquisition
  • Stop wasting time on resume review
  • You won't hire a candidate who doesn't show up 
LTF- Time is Money

Longer Retention Rates

  • Our engineers are paired with an on-site manager who will be their LER TechForce contact at your location
  • After a project, our engineers are kept on paid bench and given projects to keep their skills sharp while they wait for a new position
  • LER TechForce offers benefits comparable to other engineering firms, not staffing firms, resulting in our engineers staying longer and returning to projects after completion 
LTF- Proven Proecss

Training & Technical Support

  • Our engineers will receive the training needed to complete your job
  • LER TechForce is affiliated with LHP, Inc., a global leader in functional safety, and has access to engineering consulting resources and mentorship
LTF- Direct Placement_2

LER TechForce Packages

Train Up

Technical resource deficiencies in the market meets training on your own toolchain and process. 

  • LER TechForce partners with LHPU, an LHP, Inc. training affiliate, to deliver training on the industry's latest standards. 

  • Training can be adapted to the customer's toolchains, processes, and products.

Team Up

LER TechForce will deploy an experienced engineer and a team of junior engineers at a reduced cost. 

  • The experienced engineer is there to act as a mentor, lead, and train junior engineers in on-the-job best practices.

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