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About LER TechForce

LER TechForce is a proud member of the Women's Business Enterprise. Certified in 2020, LER TechForce is controlled, operated, and managed by a team of 3 women from the greater Indianapolis, IN area. 

LER TechForce, an LHP, Inc. affiliate, previously LHP Engineering Resources, was founded in 2001 and has boasted year-over-year growth ever since. 

From inception to today, LER TechForce has grown to over 350 engineers on staff or at customer locations. From the beginning, our focus has been rooted in our employees’ success, and that remains true today. 

LER TechForce is affiliated with the engineering and consulting power of LHP Engineering Solutions, the global leader in functional safety consulting and implementation.

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Why go to a staffing company for engineering resources when you can go to an engineering company?




If you are looking for a one-size-fits-all resource, keep looking. LHP is a provider of engineering and speciality IT skill sets for the greater transportation industry. We are your go-to for embedded controls, software, functional safety, and engineering IT talent.

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Proven Process


We back up our specialties through our proven recruiting process focused on the exact technologies we specialize in. Our recruiters understand the ins and outs of the engineers’ job functions because they have learned from LHP engineers. 

LTF- Backed by LHP

LHP, Inc. Affiliate 


We are affiliated with a world-class engineering consulting organization with proven success in functional safety, test automation, and hardware and software controls. See LHP, Inc. →

LTF- Mechanical Engineering

Engineering Training


LER TechForce is directly affiliated with a world-class engineering training organization focused on training the latest automotive technologies. Our LER TechForce engineers are equipped with necessary industry training.

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Industry Knowledge


An understanding of our customers' cultures and work processes enables LER TechForce to find the best candidates for their roles. 


It Takes an Engineer to Recruit an Engineer


Today’s automotive industry requires a workforce that is highly effective, up to date with the latest trends, technologies, and standards, and has an ability to support the changing complexities. 

Currently, there are not enough highly-skilled engineers to simply throw extras at a project. Our customers need the right engineers with the right skill sets and training. Hiring the wrong engineer would raise a company’s overhead costs exponentially while looking for an engineer with the skills required for the challenging tasks facing the automotive industry – especially within the autonomous- and electric-vehicle development boom that is occurring.

Our long history in embedded controls and autonomous development has given our company the ability to provide our customers with the right engineering talent. Our technical recruiters have a deep understanding of the engineering V-model from concept to development to production. This allows our team to accurately assess customer job requirements, review the candidate’s skill sets, and find the right engineer to meet our customer’s growth requirements.

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The LER Difference: People Over Profits


Many companies are company focused, other companies claim to be employee focused. At LER TechForce, we are 100% committed to our employee base. With a people-first mindset, we have built an exceptional workforce of engineers who care about their jobs and want to go to work. 

When we hire someone, they are two-to-three times more likely to stay with us compared to our competition. 

LER TechForce offers career ladders, a direct engineering manager outside of their customer manager, training on the latest technologies, and full-time benefits.

LER TechForce has an annual turnover rate of 28% compared to our competitors who reach a 75% annual turnover rate. 

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LER TechForce COVID-19 Response

As COVID-19 spread as a global pandemic and impacted so many, both at home and in the workplace, LER TechForce has chosen to put employees and their families first. It is our decision to keep all engineers on paid bench throughout the duration of COVID-19 to ensure our employees and their families are taken care of.