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Our Value


For engineering leaders within transportation, medical device, heavy-duty, and consumer electronics industries, who need additional resource capacity to develop and/or electronically control a mechanical system, LER TechForce is a WBE-certified, strategic resources partner powered by decades of engineering expertise, that provides engineering capacity to support the development of embedded and associated mechanical systems. 
Unlike staffing companies and engineering services companies that provide short-term solutions with expensive long-term and revolving resources requiring constant hiring, onboarding, and training, the LER TechForce resident engineer model enables us to attract and retain highly skilled engineers, providing stable resources to complement our customers’ engineering teams, providing excellent value at practical rates. 

Customer Retention That Speaks
for Itself


LER TechForce delivers impeccable value and that is why 95% of our customers keep coming back time and time again. 

  • Deliver quality products with quality engineers. Do you have your organization ready? Build a highly qualified team to deliver high-quality products. Our recruiting process is tailored to deliver the right engineer the first time.
  • LER TechForce is your trusted advisor with a proven process that will help you find the right candidate on time and within budget. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers can’t afford to make staffing mistakes. Working with traditional staffing companies has proven to be extremely expensive and resource-intensive. We can help you save time and money. 



Our Process = Your Success



LER has a network of trusted customers and a proven success rate of customer retention. Our history within the transportation space allows our recruiters an inside look at the ins and outs of our customers’ needs.



Backed by 20+ years of engineering services, we deliver highly-qualified engineers backed by our proven recruiting process.


Through our knowledge and deep network in the automotive industry we have grown to understand the right culture fit for our customers. Our recruiters are trained to pair candidates with the right customer based on a candidate’s skill set, work ethic, and work process.



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Our recruiters are trained in specific interview questions targeted at validating individual skill sets, such as systems work, software validation, hardware integration, and verification and validation.


Candidates can be assured that they are working for an engineering company, not a staffing company. 


We provide our engineers with the right training, mentorship, and benefits to help them succeed. Our process uniquely fits the style, culture, and personality of the engineer to the right work solution.


Our Tailored Solutions


On-Site Resources


Our resident engineer model enables us to attract and retain highly skilled engineers, providing stable resources to complement our customers engineering teams, and providing excellent value at practical rates. 



Direct Placement


Our certified phone interview process ensures we find you the right candidate every time. Our recruiters are trained in asking the right questions and establishing technical competency before the candidate ever gets in front of a customer. 




Near-Shore Alternative

Our near-shore model provides highly skilled and stable resources to complement our customers’ engineering teams while maintaining ideal time zone communication and a highly stable retention rate, all while providing excellent value.



Flex Team

Our Flex Team delivery model enables on-time software completion and product delivery via an assembled team of technology experts dedicated to your project. Expertise includes embedded software/controls, AUTOSAR, and V&V.


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